Top 2 Best Aquarium Lighting for Fish Color Reiews & Guide (2021)

Best Aquarium Lighting for Fish Color – Light Vs Fish Colors

best aquarium lighting for fish color

Most of the People Love, Having a colorful fish like Cichlids, Mollies, Neon into Fish Aquarium but Only Some of them know how important is the choice of aquarium Lightning to keep your fish in vibrant Colors. There are a number of fishes that show colors when they are kept in the lightened fish tank.

Do you know?

How did my molly fish turn to pale yellow from Orange colors? Read Here.

There are many other activities done by them like poping mostly when they are provided with Red lights. So the light spectrum plays an important role in this regard. There are a plethora of light colors that are available in the market but your choice depends on what type of fish you have.

Today I gonna tell you how to choose the best aquarium lighting for fish Aquarium that will help in enhancing Fish Colors according to my 10 Year Experience in Fish Keeping.

Why you need Lights for Pet Fish?

According to my research, to be a very honest majority of fishes don’t require much lightening in a fish tank. Mostly Lightening is suitable for marine & live freshwater planted tanks.

Why do these tanks need lights?

As you know Corals and live Plants are preset in these fish tanks. They require light for the process of photosynthesis in which light energy is used by plants to produce CO2. Come to the point. So what kind of aquarium lights you need for your pet fish to keep them healthy and happy in your aquarium.

Best Light For Fish Color Review

There are many kinds of lights that you can choose from. But this Koval Aquarium Lighting Fish Tank Light Hood with Extendable Brackets in White and Blue LEDs is my Recommendation For Users who prefer Quality. Have a look into this.

Koval Aquarium Lighting Fish Tank Light Hood with Extendable Brackets

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Best Light Choices to Promote Fish Colors

Fish Colors are affected by all types of light spectrum. The Colors are more Prominent and get fade depending on the brightness of a specific color. So certain colors can affect your fish colors vigorously others may have good effects. Here is the top pick for large tanks available in all sizes, if you need multi functional like color adjustment, Duration Setup, and  Brightness control. Check out this on Amazon Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light

There are two categories of the light spectrum you can select from.

  1. Bright Light Spectrum
  2. Warmer Light Spectrum

Bright Light Spectrum

The Bright light Spectrum Comes under the intensity of light 10,000k. Such Lights are used to showcase shimmery or shinning colors in your fish. They promote any shade of blue. These blue shades work perfectly for German Rams and Neon Tetras and give them extraordinary look.

Warmer Light Spectrum

The warmer light spectrum lies under the intensity range of 6500k to 8000k. These lights will tend to showcase yellows pop, orange’s, reds, browns, and greens in your fish. Freshwater fishes mostly show a bit of color even in a small amount of light.

Now you know the tact of Choosing the light spectrum for your fish to showcase your fish colors. Choosing the right light can ensure your fish color beauty.

Another benefit of using LED lights is that they do not Heat Up your aquarium water as an Incandescent Bulb does.

Keep in mind your Bottom Tank Mates

It is common to mistake when people say that our plants are going to die, and also some bottom feeders are affected. There is a variety of inhabitants you are keeping in your fish aquarium. You must have a look at the needs of all things and how the needs are correlating to each other. Sometimes one thing is benefiting one individual but harming another one.

The Best Light for Fish Colors

Now you have much knowledge about light intensity and spectrums you need for tank setups. Here are some light choices you can select for you.

  1. Some lights also have multi placements in tanks so you can easily adjust them according to color needs on every part of your tank. Your tank will have multi-color lightening in different places.
  2. Some lights have colors that Fade in and Fade out for a specific period of time. You can easily set a time for color with the help of automated remote control.

The Best Light for Fish Color Enhacement

So you are finding the light which has both functions built-in as color spectrum and intensity management with the passage of time. Such LED lights are a very good choice for professional fish keepers. Have a look at BeamsWork EA Full Spectrum LED Light that not only enhances fish colors but also you can set the right spectrum for your fish. It is affordable light and comes in different sizes, you can easily choose a suitable one for you. See the image below to have a look. It also has a digital screen to show the status as an optional part.

BeamsWork EA Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Fish Tank Light Freshwwater Plant Extendable Timer



Do LED Lights hurt your Fish Eyes?

Such Questions comes in your mind when you correlate your fish with your nature. There is no such test to check if bright lights are irritating for fish eyes or not?. Keeping the fish in bright light is not a bad idea but there should be some plants in your aquarium so your fish can hide for some time.

Do every Fish like color Lights?

It’s a tricky question to answer but the like or dislike depends on the type of fish you are keeping. If you feel in more bright colors your fish is behaving unnaturally, you can change the colors and stay with the color in which your pet fish is easy.

How is Blue Light for Aquarium?

Blue lights are called Actinic lights. Such blue lights are not a normal color spectrum but nowadays you can found many aquarists having blue colored lights for neons like fishes.

Lightening Choice for African Cichlids

As we know that cichlids come in many color variations. So you can try actinic lightening for more dark colors like blue or other colors like that.

If you have any questions regarding fish color enhancement using lights. Just drop a comment below. Share this content if you love this. Have a happy fish keeping.