12 Best Food for Guppies 2021 (Reviews) & Buyer Guide

12 Best Food for Guppies 2021 (Reviews) & Buyer Guide

Best Food For Guppies

The old saying of ‘You keep the water and the fish will keep themselves’ holds true with feeding as well. Quality fish feed grows quality fish, but more importantly, to me, it also keeps the water clean.

You might have heard that Healthy eating makes your life long-lasting and full of joy. The same happens to Active Guppies, which are more than beautiful but sensitive.

Good environment and Standard Aquarium are also good factors to consider. But To full-fill their nutrition demands, they need the protein-rich feed-in exact amount and at the right time. In This Guide, You will know about Guppies Feeding In detail. Stick this Page Till the end. Lets Start.

Best Food for Guppies Reviews

1. TetraMin Nutritionally Balanced Tropical Flake Feed for Tropical Fish

TetraMin Nutritionally Balanced Tropical Flake Feed for Tropical Fish


TetraMin Flake Feed

  • Boosts Immune System
  • Highly Digestable
  • Suitable for Top and Middle Feeders
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Tetramin is a highly nutritionally balanced diet that consists of easily digestible ingredients in it. Tetra min complete diet promotes optimum Fish health. It boosts the immune system of your fish. These feed ingredients float on the top and mid of the aquarium.

Such a blend of immunostimulants, vitamins, biotin, and omega-3 fatty acids provides strength to your pet. These also help to immune your fish against disease and stress.

These highly digestible ingredient doesn’t affect the water quality of your tank.  The water remains clean and clear like glass. The quality ingredients not only improve the growth of fish but also maintain the body color of your pet.

You can feed your fish two to three times a day. Provide limited feed so that fish can consume it within 2-3 minutes.

2. Hikari Bio-Pure FD Brine Shrimp

Hikari Bio-Pure FD Brine Shrimp


Hikari Brine Shrimp

  • Multivitamins Rich
  • Pure from Parasites and Bacteria
  • Maintain Water Quality
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Hikari bio pure formula is enriched multivitamin brine shrimp, a superb daily diet for your fish. This is suitable for both saltwater as well as freshwater fish. Suitable for all kinds of pets such as turtle and frogs too.

The multi vitamin-rich diet is designed to reduce the stress of your fish and the risk of diseases. This quality rich feed is free from parasites and bacteria. These ingredients ensure the health of your pet.

The dried fish feed is manufactured in such a way that it controls the quality of water. It does not leach it. Provide a crystal clear sight to enthusiasts.

Before Opening it is very important to reduce the risk of oxidation by nitrogen charging.

3. API Fish Feed Flakes



API Fish Flakes

  • Protein Rich Diet
  • Animal Based Ingredients
  • Protect Against Stress
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API tropical flakes is a protein-rich diet contain the favorite fish ingredients such as algae, shrimp, worms, etc. this protein-rich diet produces less amount of ammonia that may prove fatal for your fish. A high level of ammonia may cause gill damage, stress, illness, and death.

No fish keeper wants this!!!

The diet is rich in menhaden and squid that boost up the growth. The carotenoids maintain the color of fish. Such a balanced diet is suitable for all kinds of tropical fish such as Tetras, Angelfish, Discus, Barbs, and Guppies.

Feed your fish two to three times a day with a limited amount so that it can consume whole feed within minutes.

4. New Life Spectrum Float Surface Floating Fresh Pet Feed

New Life Spectrum Float Surface Salt Fresh Pet Food


New Life Spectrum Float Surface Feed

  • Promote the Fish Color
  • Hormone Free Color Enhancing Formula
  • Boost Immune System
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As the name of feed shows that it floats on the surface of the water. Designed for the fish that live on the surface of the water.

This balanced diet is the blend of a variety of ingredients, such as Algae. Such a meal consists of Seaweed, Kelp, and Haematococcus Pluvialis (microalgae) as well as fruit and vegetable extract. Other ingredients are South Antarctic Krill, Herring, and several others.

The krill promote the growth of fish and makes the immune system stronger. The strong immune system actively repels parasites. It also enhances the spectrum of your fish.

You should provide the feed twice or thrice daily in a day.

New Life Spectrum food is free from color enhancing hormone.

5. Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets Fish Feed


Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets

  • Best for small tropical fish
  • Natural ingredients
  • Doesn’t clog your filter
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As the name of the feed shows, it has small-sized pellets. Suitable for the fish with small mouths. It is specifically designed for tropical fish such as tetras, barbs, and other small tropical fish like guppies.

The ingredients are vegetable and protein-based that are perfectly designed for fish growth and safe for use. Because it contains natural ingredients.

This feed is partially floating and slow sinking.

The feed consist of small-sized brightly colored pellets. The big advantage of this feed is its disintegration time. It is also suitable for shy fish or that fish that wait for the feed to sink in the bottom.

Due to its size, it slowly sinks in the bottom, and fish can easily visualize it due to colors. As this feed is of small size, it does not clog your filter as other large-sized flakes do.

6. Omega One Super Color Flakes

Omega One Super Color Flakes


Omega One Color Flakes

  • Enhance Fish colors
  • Boost immune system
  • Water Insoluble
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As you know, the color of ornamental fish matters a lot for any enthusiast that attracts the watchers. The omega one super color enhancing flakes are manufactured to enhance the color of your fish.

These flakes contain such ingredients that play a vital role in boosting the immune system and make the color-rich.

The low quantity of ash and protein-rich composition makes it insoluble in water. Hence maintain the quality of mater.

Highly digestible feed that can be consumed two to three times a day.

7. New Life Spectrum Optimum Flakes Tropical Fish Feed Diet

New Life Spectrum Optimum Flakes Tropical Fish Food Diet


New Life Spectrum Optimum Flakes

  • Suitable for all tropical fish
  • Repel parasites
  • Easily digestable
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New Life Spectrum Optimum Flakes consist of floating and color enhancing pellets.

The main ingredients of this diet are krill and fish protein that are suitable for all kinds of fish.

The main purpose of this diet is to boost up the immune system of your fish, and it also helps them to repel the parasites.

To gain more color spectrums of your fish, you have to feed your fish twice a day. The quantity of feed should be minimum so that fish consume it in 2-3 minutes.

New life optimum flakes are suitable for all tropical fish such as cichlids, Botia loaches, Cory cats, and plecos.

These flakes don’t affect the quality of water.

8. New Life Spectrum Algae Max Wafers

New Life Spectrum AlgaeMax Wafers


Algae Max Wafers

  • 12mm algae enhancing pellets
  • Boost immunity
  • Maintain water quality
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New Life Spectrum Algae Max is the small-sized wafers. Their size is about 12mm. The manufacturer used such ingredients that are insoluble in water.

The new life spectrum wafers are one of the favorite feed used by the fish keeper that boosts the immune system of your fish. A strong immune system shows the health of fish and ensures good health.

The ingredients are insoluble in water. Due to its sinking quality, the wafers sink to the bottom. Protect the water from leaching. It Improves the immune system of your fish and enhances the color spectrum.

9. Aquacarium Brine Shrimp Freeze Dried Bulk Tropical Fish Feed

Aquacarium Brine Shrimp Freeze Dried Bulk Tropical Fish Food


Aquacarium Brine Shrimp Freeze Dried

  • Protein rich diet
  • Essential for breeding fish
  • Freshly preserved
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Aquacarium freeze-dried brine shrimp is the large-sized brine shrimps that crushed into small sized chunks. Brine shrimps are available in the form of cubes. Large-sized fish engulf it into one bite, but small-sized fish takes it into small pieces.

During the breeding time period, a fish needs more quality feed to fulfill its energy demands. It is a perfect diet for breeding fish.

As the name shows, the main ingredient of this feed is brine shrimp. So, this feed is totally protein-based. The protein-rich diet promotes the growth of fish by boosting its immune system. It is suitable for all kinds of fishes like marine or freshwater.

10. Aquacarium Tubifex Worms Freeze Dried Bulk Tropical Fish Feed

Aquacarium Tubifex Worms Freeze Dried Bulk Tropical Fish Food


Aquacarium Tubifex Worms Freeze Dried

  • Frozen feed
  • Protein rich
  • Best for all tropical fish
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Aquacarium freeze-dried tubifex worms are frozen dried black worms. This feed is rich in protein. The frozen worms are healthy for your fish and are a complete diet.

All the tropical fish consume it with great joy.

It seems that these worms may cause disease, but there is not any evidence yet that could prove this.

Since this feed holds good quality, therefore, has used since ancient times.

11. NewLife Spectrum Grow Fry Starter Fish Feed

NewLife Spectrum Grow Fry Starter Fish Food


NewLife Spectrum Starter Feed

  • Small particle
  • Manufactured for fry fish
  • Protein based
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Newlife spectrum grows fry starter fish feed is specially manufactured for the fish fry. It consists of small sinking particles. It is manufactured in the form of fine powder for the fry.

Because they are too small to take the feed in the form of chunks or pellets.

This starter fish feed contains 50% protein that provides a rich source of energy to your fry.

This type of feed is only suitable for aquarium fish, not for pond fish.

There is no problem with clumping in it. This feed settles slowly at the bottom of your tank.

Suitable for a 3-6 week stage of fry.

You can use this feed for angelfish, cichlids, and betta fish fry.

Feed your fish fry 3-4times in a day.

12. Hikari fish feed

Hikari Fish Food


Hikari Feed

  • Natural feed
  • Free from parasites
  • Suitable for all tropical fish
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Hikari fish feed is a multi vitamin-rich feed manufactured for all tropical fish. This feed is rich in supplements that enhance the fish color and scales. This type of feed is suitable for all tropical fish.

Its insoluble properties make it more stable in the water. Protect the water quality from leaching.

This feed is preserved and free from parasites and harmful bacteria.

It must be recharged with Nitrogen before opening to protect it from oxidation.

This delicious taste is not available in all preexisting freeze-dried feed.

Hikari feed is totally natural ingredients based and does not contain any harmful chemical.

How often to Feed your Guppies?

Guppies can easily feed four to five times a day. But you must take care of it. They are live-bearing, They give fry instead of laying eggs in your aquarium. So due to this fast-growing nature, they need frequent feedings all day. Adult guppies need much food as compare to fry fish. you can keep them separately from fish fry.

Do you know? Guppies can also live for 1 or two weeks without fish feed. If you are still worried and want to go on vacation, you can use an automatic fish feeder to feed them regularly in your absence.

How Much to Feed Guppy Fish?

Guppies are Fussy Eater, which means they can not control themselves when they see food. They can eat food whenever you feed. But you should give them only some pinches of food which they can finish in 2 minutes. You must also have an eagle eye on the fish stomach. If they are looking like full or puffy. You must skip one or two-time food to keep them healthy.

My Homemade Guppy Food Quick Recipe

Many of you are Maybe thinking of what to do when you are out of fish food? But don’t worry, here is a Quick Solution that I used to use when to see the fish food is about to end.

You can use Frozen or Fresh vegetables available at home. Some of them are green beans, peas, cucumber, spinach, carrots, broccoli, and zucchini. You have to blend all in the same ratio. After Blending in Home Blender, you will get we powder of vegetables. Freeze then in Ziplock or an airtight packet. Feed your guppies with a new treat, with this small piece of Amazing blend.

You can also Prepare Flakes to form the blend prepared above. You need to put it in the oven cooking bowl. Set the oven temperature to 120oC and warm it till dry. After It, you can put this crushed dry food in seal bag and use it whenever you want, Have a healthy treat for your guppies.

Preference: What is Best Guppy Food?

Our Top Pick for Best Guppy Food is Hikari Usa Tropical Fancy Guppy For Pet Health, which is a high-quality feed for your fish to maintain its health. The outstanding formula will aid you in improving breeding habits, fish growth, and resistance to fatal diseases.

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Wrapping Up

Guppies are Attractive, colorful, and tiny fishes. They can grow very fast if you give them proper feed along with the proper care. Feed them with the right amount of food and at the right timings. Have Healthy Guppy. 🙂

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