8 Best Plants For Betta Fish (Reviews) & Buyer Guide 2021

8 Best Plants For Betta Fish (Reviews) & Buyer Guide 2021

Betta fish love the plants. Live plants enhance the beauty of an aquarium. It will also provide the place for hiding as well as a natural look to your aquarium. In the natural ecosystem, the betta grows more readily and makes it more active.

One advantage of growing live plants in the aquarium is that it provides enough oxygen content to the betta, which it restores into its labyrinth organ. So, it is vital to choose your plants wisely and carefully, either these are live or artificial.

Why does Betta Fish need plants?

Plants play an essential role in the betta fish tank. Plants provide hiding places for bettas because they feel safe in hidden places. Along with plants, bettas feel safer in a tank because it provides them with the natural environment. Plants provide them shade from the light. So the betta feels calmer.

Betta fish will enjoy with plants because it loves to swim along with the different plants. Plants provide it a considerable space. Without any decorations, betta may feel stress. Here is the list of best live plants for your betta fish tank depending upon your choice you can select anyone for your aquarium.

Best Live Plants for Betta Fish Reviews

1. Anubias Petite Leaves



Anubias – Amazon Choice

  • Easy to grow
  • Background plant
  • Submerged plant
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Anubias are the plants that are best for your tank because they are easy to grow. They are native to America.  The maximum length is 2-6 inches. Usually preferred to keep at the bottom or on the background.

The optimum temperature for its growth is 25-30oC. The optimum PH for its growth is 6-7.5, which means that it needs a neutral pH.

Anubias doesn’t require strong light to flourish. If you want to grow efficiently, then provide moderate light to it. Simply you can attach with any decoration, and it began to flourish.

2. Java Fern Bare Root Low Light Freshwater Aquarium Plant

Java Fern Bare Root


Java Fern Bare Root

  • For medium & large tanks
  • Easy to grow
  • Beautiful look
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These plants are native to South Asia. They can grow to a maximum height of 13 inches and 6-8 inches broad. So it is recommended not to put it in the tank, which is smaller than 10 gallons.

The optimum temperature for its growth is 20-28oC. The optimum pH for its growth is 6-7. It does not need high-intensity light; instead, it grows in low light. Even it can grow in the shade of other plants.

To place it in your tank, you simply tie its roots to the decorations. Later its roots will start to grow and find its substrate. If you put its roots, it will start to rot.

3. Java Moss Stone pad – Live Aquarium Plants

Java Moss Stone pad


Java Moss Stone pad

  • Best plant for betta
  • Can be used again and again
  • Economically beneficial
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It is one of the most favorite plants of betta fish. It is easy to grow In any condition.

Most people experienced that they take it out from the tank and again used it for their tank after drying.

Java moss is another plant that does not need any special conditions to grow. In mild conditions, it can thrive.

The optimum temperature for java moss is 20-25. The optimum pH for it is 5-8, which his rally a wide range.

It does not need to plant deep into the tank. Just attach it to the other decorations.

4. Hornwort Bunch Aquatic Plant – Ceratophyllum Demersum




  • Great hiding for betta
  • Invasive species
  • Awesome look
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The next one is hornwort. It needs extra care because it is an invasive species. It may grow upto10 feet high in length. It also needs a large-sized tank. The optimum temperature for its growth is 15-30oC, which is an extensive range. The optimum pH is 6-7.5.

It requires a high light tank. If you grow it in a low light tank, then it may wilt and damage the whole ecosystem. It does not need any plantation. Its leaves can float.

If you are planning to use hornwort then get ready to clean the huge left out of its leave at the bottom.

5. Anacharis Live Aquarium Aquatic PlantEgeria Elodea Densa

Anacharis Egeria Elodea Densa Tropical Live Aquarium Aquatic Plant


Anacharis Egeria Elodea Densa

  • Easy to handle
  • Sensitive to pH changes
  • Easily available
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Next in the list is anachris, which is also called waterweed. It is native to South America but also present in America. It is easy to handle and grow.

The best temperature for its growth is 20-25oC. It can also grow in temperature below or above it, but it is an ideal range. The ideal pH for its growth is 7 because a neutral pH is best for its growth.

If you want to plant anachris, you must plant it deeply into the tank. The depth must be 2 inches down. To avoid too much crowd, you must keep a distance of 1 inch between them.

6. Amazon Sword Stems Live Easy Aquarium Plant – Echinodorus Bleheri  

Amazon Sword Stems Echinodorus Bleheri


Amazon Sword

  • Great hiding for betta
  • Best for betta
  • Beautiful for aquarium
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This plant also grows to a maximum length. You need a large-sized tank to plant it. The maximum size an amazon sword can attain is 20 inches.

Do not add into tank which is smaller than 59 gallons

Optimum pH for its growth is 7.5 to 8.5. the optimum temperature is 25-30oC.

If you keep the optimum temperature and maximum light, you will get your best amazon sword into your tank.

The amazon sword needs maximum light for about 8-12 hours for its growth.

7. Betta Fish Balls Live Marimo Aquarium Plants for Fish Tanks

Betta Fish Balls Live Marimo Aquarium Plant


Betta Fish Balls

  • Beautiful and unique appearance
  • Easiest live aquarium plant
  • Perfect for betta
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These balls are more convenient to use and best for betta fish. These are not plants; these are algae. They have a beautiful appearance. They can reach up to 30cm in size.

As this is algae, so it does not work like other algae that turn the whole tank into green color. It is effortless to handle, and the aquarium looks very beautiful in them. Simply just add into the tank, no need to plant.

8. Dwarf Hairgrass

It is very soft and gentle. It grows to a mild level. It is ideal for placing around gravel and other decorations. It grows best at 25oC temperature. It also needs a mild level of light intensity to grow.

Our Recommended Betta Fish Plants

We highly recommend Java fern because it is easy to handle. It does not need more concentration easily available in markets. It can easily grow in your aquarium temperature.

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Wrapping Up

So here is the complete list of live plants that can help you in the selection of plants for your aquarium. Plants are an essential component of the aquarium. It depends on you either you like live or artificial.

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