Ultimate List 1300 Betta Fish Names By Type, Colors & Gender

Ultimate List 1300 Betta Fish Names By Type, Colors & Gender

Betta Fish Names

Adopting Betta Fish can be a very inspiring experience for you. In my opinion, it is the most gorgeous and beautiful fish on the earth planet.

The Foremost thing to think while you introduce a new fish in your fish tank is to call it by its NAME. Sometimes Deciding the right name can be very tricky and time-consuming.

Today in this guide, I came with a good dictionary of names you can decide by keeping an eye on your betta fish gender, color, personality, and trait. I am damn sure you can easily choose for your pet.

How to Select the Right Name for Your Betta?

Selecting the Right name for your fish is not as complicated as you think, I would like to tell you some things to follow to name your pet.

For example, if you are a Food lover, why not call your fish with food name like for male betta, I would like to call him with BURGER. It looks Funny But also a beautiful name. Some of the other examples I would like to quote here are given below.

  1. If you are fond of watching movies, films or dramas, you can call by the name of a celebrity or movie name. For example, I like the movie “Harry Potter” the most I can call my fish by name “Harry” Sounds good? 
  2. If you are an excellent Reader and Listener, You can choose a name by your favorite book or News Channel. For Example, I love this British Romantic novel Jane Eyre An Autobiography By Charlotte Bronte liked and loved by thousands of people, according to Amazon. So I will call male fish with Jane and Betta Female with Eyre.
  3. Are you in love with someone? & dont want to Expose the name right now, but you love calling her/ him all time. Now Just used this name for calling your fish. You are so smart, :).
  4. If you love the appearance of your fish, call it as it looks. I call my betta, “Fluffy.”
  5. Surely you are Pet or Animal Lover. Confuse your fish name with an animal name that is so crazy and surprising when you call it in front of someone. Calling your black betta by “Bat Or Sparrow” would be lovely.

By adopting the above-mentioned methods, you can quickly generate hundreds and thousands of names by yourself. By the way, there are some different lists of names for you, most of the people used to call their pet fish.

Best Names Collection for Male Betta Fish

male betta fish

Adding the Male betta fish to your aquarium can be a very fantastic experience for you. Some people choose the name of male fish by the names of loved family members. Such an easy peasy method you can use for quick name selections. I usually think about my dear friends and cousin’s names to whom i love very much. Here are 220 great name suggestions for you. Let’s have a look …

Abe Ace
Adam Admiral
Akira Albert
Albus Anakin
Anchor Andro
Andy Apollo
Aqua Archie
Ares Artelius
Astor Atticus
Balder Balthazar
Barnaby Bart
Bay Bear
Betta Fett Big Bubb
Blade Bob
Bobby Bowie
Bravos Brian
Bruce Bruce Lee
Bruno Bueller
Bugatti Butch
Callum Captain
Carlos Carlton
Casper Caspian
Chad Chandler
Channing Charger
Chester Chett
Christian Clint
Clyde Cohen
Colby Colin
Comet Cooper
Cosmo Crimson
Cujo Dale
Dallas Darius
Darth Dave
DaVinci Delos
Denzel Depak
Dino Doctor
Dog Doug
Draco Drago
Drake Duke
Dusty Einstein
Ernie Eustace
Fab Fernando
Finley Finnegan
Flash Fox
Frank Gandalf
Garland Gary
Gatsby Gentian
Gilbert Giles
Gonzalez Guido
Gunther Gusti
Hagar Hal
Han Harry
Henri Herb
Herms Hiro
Homer Honda
Houdini Hungry
Indie Ishmal
Jack Jackson
James Jamie
Jasper Jaws
Jedrek Jem
Jimbo Jimmy
John Joey
Jose Juan
Jughead Jumper
Jupiter Kai
Kepler Killer
Kimbo King
Kronos Kumar
Kylo Larry
Leif Leland
Leo Leonard
Leonardo Lgnatio
Lord Louie
Louis Lucian
Lucifer Lucius
Luke Lupin
Mack Mal
Malone Marino
Mars Marshal
Mason Matt
Matthew Max
Mello Minos
Moe Morado
Moses Mulder
Murphy Nardole
Naruto Nemo
Nero Nigel
Noam Obie
Odin Oliver
Ollie Orlando
Ortun Oscar
Owen Parker
Patrick Paul
Pepster Peter
Pietri Pike
Presley Reiichi
Ron Rory
Ross Ryan
Sarjan Severus
Shiloh Sirius
Spike Squarepants
Steve Tao
Thistle Thor
Timmy Tom
Vader Walter
Wayne Wilfred
William Wolf
Xander Zappa
Zeus Ziggy

Best Names Collection for Female Betta Fish

female Betta Fish

Unlike male Betta, the females also deserve good name collection. Females are kept in separte tanks. They live in colony or in schooling in the separte tanks. For Choosing the best names you can call then with your Good friend name, or any family member name. Here is 274 best names for female betta fishes that sounds good to me.

Abigail Adriana
Adrianna Aggie
Aiza Akira
Ally Amanda
Ambar Amelia
Andrea Angel
Angela Angie
Anthena Anya
Aoi Aria
Ariel Astrid
Athena Audrey
Aurora Ava
Avey Bella
Belle Berry
Bess Betty
Blanche Bluffy
Bonnie Brea
Britt Buffy
Bunny Cadellia
Callista Calypso
Camilla Candy
Carly Carmella
Cassie Celeste
Chanel Cher
Cho Coco
Colbie Cora
Coral Cordelia
Cupcake Daisy
Daria Delila
Devine Diana
Dianna Dianne
Diva Donatella
Donna Doris
Drusilla Duchess
Edith Effie
Elizabeth Ellen
Elsa Elsie
Emily Emma
Esther Euphemia
Eve Evelyn
Evina Fara
Felicity Fifi
Fina Fiona
Fleur Flo
Flower Folina
Francine Frannie
Freya Frolina
Gabby Geraldine
Ginger Ginny
Grace Gwen
Hannah Harmony
Helga Hera
Hermione Hermoine
Hestia Hope
Iggy Indira
Iris Isla
Jade Jamie
Jane Jasmine
Jess Jewels
Jezebel Josie
Jules Karla
Kat Kirra
Kitte Kota
Krystal Kylie
Kyra Laura
Lauren Lavender
Layla Leia
Lilly Lily
Lima Liza
Lizzy Lola
Lolly Louise
Lucy LuLu
Luna Lyla
Marina Marna
Marnie Marsha
Mary Megala
Megan Mimi
Miriam Missa
Missy Misty
Miyoko Molly
Monica Nancy
Nerissa Nilina
Nina Nobia
Norma Oksana
Olga Olina
Olivia Omy
Ophelia Orchid
Oskana Padma
Pandora Pants
Paris Parisia
Parvati Patience
Patricia Pearl
Persephone Phantasia
Phelia Phoebe
Pixie Pixy
Polly Princess
Priscilla Priscalla
Prissy Quala
Queenie Quera
Quilla Quora
Rachel Ratu
Remy Rey
Rochelle Romy
Rose Rosy
Roxy Ruby
Sabrina Sailor
Saki Sara
Sarah Sarnai
Sasha Sassy
SassyPants Savanah
Sela Shana
Shelly Skyler
Sophia Star
Stella Stephanie
Stephie Straw
Suzie Sybil
Sydney Tabitha
Tanya Tara
Tatanya Tatum
Taylor Tee-tee
Terra Thelma
Tinkerbell Titus
Uma Vabessa
Venessa Vercalia
Vernia Veronica
Viola Violet
Viva Wendy
Willow Windy
Wings Wynnie
Xelda Xena
Xenia Yasmin
Yolanda Yvette
Zapa Zaza
Zelda Zinnia
Zinny Zoey

Beautiful Unisex Names for your Betta

Unisex Betta Fish Names

Unisex Names are quite Interesting names and used for both male and female betta fish names. You can say that they are Universal Names. You can use it for any type of betta fish. I have compiled 208 my favorite and cute unisex names only for you. Mind Knowing the best name? Just be with me.

Addison Adrian
Ainsley Aki
Akira Alex
Alfalfa Alto
Alva Andy
Angel Ari
Ash Ashley
Aspen Aubrey
Avery Bailey
Bay Beverley
Blaine Bobbie
Bobby Bongo
Brett Briar
Brid Brook
Caelan Cameron
Campbell Carob
Carol Carroll
Caryl Casey
Chaos Charlie
Checkers Chewie
Chipper Chips
Chris Christian
Christie Christy
Chutney Clay
Clem Corey
Courtney Crackle
Crash Cricket
Daikon Dakota
Dale Dana
Daryl Dee
Devin Devon
Dorian Dresden
Drew Edamame
Eddie Eleven
Eli Elliott
Ellis Evelyn
Falcore Fender
Fran Frances
Frankie Freddie
Gabriel Georgie
Gerry Ginger
Glenn Gray
Harper Hayden
Hilary Hollis
Hunter Hyacinth
Indigo Jackie
Jamie Java
Jay Jean
Jerry Jess
Jesse Jessie
Jo Jocelyn
Jody Johnny
Jordan Jules
Julian Kaden
Karma Kay
Kelly Kelsey
Kennedy Kerry
Kim Kimberley
Kingsley Kit
Kyle Lake
Laser Laurie
Lee Leslie
Logan Lou
Lucky Macaroni
Magic Max
Meredith Micah
Morgan Nicky
Noodle Ollie
Pal Palmer
Parker Pat
Patsy Payton
Pepper Peyton
Phil Popsicle
Pretzel Puff
Punk Quincy
Rain Randy
Ray Reed
Remi Ren
Riley River
Roan Robin
Ronnie Rowan
Rudy Ryan
Sage Sal
Salsa Sam
Sammy Sandy
Sasha Scout
Sean Shawn
Shay Shelley
Sidney Snap
Sparky Splash
Stevie Stinky
Storm Tanner
Taylor Tiki
Toby Tory
Troy Tsunami
Tyler Val
Valentine Viv
Waverider Waves
West Winter
Wotsit Wren
Wyn Wynne
Yang Yin
Yoda Zag

Crazy, Funny & Cool Betta Fish Names

Crazy, Funny & Cool Betta Fish Names

Some people love to name their pets hilariously. They are fun lovers. There are about 100 names that I found by researching from different resources. You can have a look. Just Dive in.

Alpha Betta Aqua Bob
Aqua Fin-a Aquaman
Aquarepants Bait
Betta Bush Betta Daddy
Betta Fett Betta Fieri
Betta Gump Betta Max
Betta Midler Betta White
Betta-man Bettolas
Beyonce Billy Bob
Billy Ray Blue
Blueface BoBo
Boomer Bowie
Captain Hook Captain Jack
Carrie Fisher Chips
Christy Martin Chyna
Clownfish Cujo
DJ Slime Edamame
Eleven Fido
Fin-ley Fish Sticks
Floater Floyd Mayweather
Fluffy Georgia O’Reef
Gill Clinton Gill-bert
Gill-funky Gill-ty
Gilly Nelson Hammerhead
Happy Bettamore Harley Fin
Harley Finn Hulk Hogan
Ice Cube James Betta
James Pond Jaws
John Cena Karate Kid
Laila Ali Luke Skywalker
Long John Betta Lovely Bubbly
Lucia Rijker M. Sea Hammer
Magikarp McNish
Mike Tyson Moby Dick
Mr. Miyagi Muhammad Ali
one true Cod Puff Daddy
Rain Rena Betta
Rhythm Rocky
Ronda Rousey Salmon
Salsa Sasha Banks
Stinky Sumo
Sushi Swedish
Swedish fish Swim Shady
The Undertaker Tsunami
Tuna Turner Uncle betta
Waverider Ying Yang
Zag Zig

Unique & Different Names for Betta Fish

Unique and Different Betta Fish Names

The world is full of different people. Everyone want unique things to happen in their life. Some people like uniqueness in everything around them. These 63 names are for them who want unique and different names for their betta. Please leave a comment below which one you love?

Aber Aberforth
Anahita Arno
Biggie Bitsy
Blackbeard Bubbles
Calder Captain
Caviar Chompy
Como Cordelia
Crabby Dolphin
Dory Fangs
Fins Fjord
Flounder Gilbert
Gilly Gucci
Guppy Isla
Jaws Jorah
Kanagawa Lachlan
Marella Marigold
Meltem Mermaid
Mira Mizuko
Morwenna Nemo
Nerida Nibbles
Noelani Nymph
Octo Peach
Pirate Poseidon
Saturn Shannon
Spike Squishy
Sushi Tallulah
Tangerine Thames
Tsunami Ursula
Velvet Wasabi

Best Names for Betta Fish By Color

Betta fish is one of my favorite fish. I love them very much as they are present in many colors, and I have almost 24 betta fishes in my 50-gallon fish tank of different colors that include red, yellow, orange, blue, black, white multi-colored any more. Here is some color specific name you can choose from. Let’s have a look down.

Names Suggestions for Multi-colored Betta Fish

Multi Colored betta Fish

Multicolored betta fish are not common as other single or double tone colored betta available nowadays. But once you found a mix of many colors in betta fish. You will surely fall in love with them. They are found in different combinations. Some have stripes or lines, and some others have dots on the skin of many colors. There are about 36 names that are the best suit for your multicolored betta fish.

Aurora Borealis
Checkered Chrome
Da Vinci Dappled
Dotty Flecked
Freckle Kaleidoscopic
Kingfisher Marble
Marbled Motley
Mottled Multicolor
Panda Particolored
Patches Peacock
Picasso Piebald
Pied Polychrome
Prism Prismatic
Rainbow Skittles
Speckled Splodge
Spot Spots
Spotted Sprinkles
Streaked Stripes
Zigzag Zoomfish

Names Suggestions for Black Betta Fish

Black Betta fish

The Color “Black” which can absorb every color in it. The most prominent & attractive color in fishes. The black color bettas look like black velvet. They have a tremendous collection of names. I collected 46 best names for them.

Anise Ash
Beetle Blackfish
Blackjack Brackish
Char Cinder
Coal Coffee
Cole Coke
Cow Crow
Damien Donnie
Darko Ebony
Eclipse Ember
Grimm Guinness
Ink Licorice
Midnight Nero
Olive Olly
Omen Onyx
Owl Panther
Pepsi Raven
Reaper Shadow
Smokey Smudge
Soot Tar
Tarcole Tea
Velvet Voodoo

Names Suggestions for White Betta Fish

White Betta Fish

The White-colored betta fish is not less than a queen or an angle. I used to call my white betta queen and angle. They are also outstanding and calm. Due to their fragile nature, they deserve names that are more attractive and used to give honor. Most people used to call them opal, pearl, snowy, dove, or Jasmine. I picked 33 best names for you. Pick the great one for you.

Arctic Aspen
Beluga Blizzard
Diamond Dove
Egg Ghost
Glacier Ice
Icicle Ivory
Jasmine Magnolia
Mayo Milk
Misty Moonshine
Nail Opal
Polar Quartz
Silver Snow
Snowball Snowdrop
Snowflake Snowy
Sugar Swan
Teeth Tubelight

Names Suggestions for Red Betta Fish

Red Betta Fish

The color “red,” the sign of love, romance, and beauty.  Most people are fond of this color. Even the bride on the night of the wedding, wear a red-colored dress. Such betta is eye-catching for me. Select your best name for red betta from 67 names, and thank me late.

Apple Ariel
Auburn Bashful
Blaze Blaziken
Blush Brick
Bright Brock Lesnar
Burgundy Cardinal
Cerise Cherry
Chili Chilli
Coral Crimson
Dahlia Edi
Ember Fever
Fiery Fire
Firestorm Flame
Fuchsia Fuego
Garnet Ginger
Guy Fieri Infrared
Killer Malone
Mars Naruto
Poinsettia Poppy
Pula Red
Redface Redfish
Riot Rood
Room Rose
Rosella Rosewood
Rosie Rosso
Rosy Rouge
Ruby Rufous
Russet Scarlet
Scarlett Spark
Strawberry Strawberry
Shortcake Ulala
Valentine Velvet
Venetian Vermilion
Vermillion Wanda

Names Suggestions for Blue Betta Fish

Blue Betta Fish

The blue or royal blue color is a sign of confidence. The blue betta fish always add the royalty in your tank. They deserve the royal names for them. Here I am presenting you 60 selective names for your blue betta.

Aqua Aquamarine
Azul Azure
Baby Blue Beryl
Betty Blauw
Bleu Blue
Bluebell Blue Betty
Blue boy Blue Gatorade
Blue Moon Blue-Be-Do
Bluebell Blueberry
Blueface Bluefish
Cerulean Cloud
Cobalt Cookie
Cornflower Cyan
DaBaDee Denim
Dory Eeyore
Ice Indigo
Iris Jean
Lagoona Marine
Mazarine Midnight
Monday Morose
Navy Neptune
Ocean Periwinkle
Pisces Polu
Poseidon River
Royal Royal blue
Sapphire Sea
Sky Smurf
Stitch Sully
Teal Topaz
Turquoise Zir

Names Suggestions for Yellow Betta Fish

Yellow Betta Fish

The Yellow or pale Color is no doubt good looking color in my view. Are you looking for name suggestions that meet the color requirements too? I collected some names that also match things in yellow colors. Choose from 26 best names for your yellow betta fish.

Banana Barley
Blondie Butterball
Buttercup Corn
Custard Glitter
Honey Mango
Mellow Mustard
Pikachu Saffron
Shiner Star
Sun Sunflower
Sunglow Sunny
Sunshine Wheat
Winer Yellow

Names Suggestions for Orange Betta Fish

Orange Betta Fish

I am fond of orange color because I love eating oranges and drinking orange juice. It is a very appealing color. That’s why I am having ten orange-colored bettas in my tank. I love them very much. Choose the best name for your orange betta from 42 names given. Dont forget to share it with me in the comments.

Amber Apricot
Arancione Auburn
Autumn Butternut
Butterscotch Candy Corn
Carrot Cheddar
Cheese CheeseyPuff
Cheeto Clementine
Copper Crookshanks
Dorito Ember
Fanta Garfield
Ginger Gingersnap
Goldie Mandarin
Marmalade Nacho
Nectarine Orangeade
Peaches Persimmon
Pumpkin Rusty
Satsuma Sunfire
Sunrise Sunset
Tang Tangerine
Tiger Tigger

Best Names for Fish Pairs

If you have fish pairs, here I am enlisting you some funny and crazy names for your male and female fishes. Have a look at these to choose the best pair for you.

  1. Baron Baroness
  2. Cat Rat
  3. Czar Czarina
  4. Deep Creep
  5. Duke Duchess
  6. Emir Emira
  7. Emperor Empress
  8. Fin Spin
  9. Finger Zinger
  10. Fishie Squishie
  11. Gilly Kelly
  12. Hook Snook
  13. Hot Rot
  14. Maharajah Maharani
  15. Marquis Marchioness
  16. Mate Bait
  17. Rana Rani
  18. Red Reddy
  19. Rod Tod
  20. Shah Shahbanu
  21. Skim Swim
  22. Spawner Gonner
  23. Sultan Sultana
  24. Swimmer Skimmer
  25. Thick Shick

Betta Fish Names By Personality or Fish Type:

By Personality and type, there are many types of betta fish each of which has own specialty. Some of them are by tail type or fish type are given below

  • Veiltail
  • Crown tail
  • Comb tail or Comby
  • Double Tail
  • Spadetail
  • Halfmoon
  • Delta
  • Half-sun
  • Rose tail
  • Feathertail
  • Plakat
  • Dumbo
  • Cardinal
  • Azure

The List of 164 names given below will reflect you every the different type of names that will be the best fit for your betta personality and suits your fish type too.

Aggie Albie
Ally Angel
Apple Archie
Ariel Baby
Bambam Bambi
Bandit Banshee
Berry Binky
Biscuit Bliss
Bolt Bonsai
Boo Brains
Bruce Bubbles
Bug-Bug Butters
Buttons Champ
Charmer Chief
Chomper Clogs
Cookie Cowboy
Crinkle Crumpet
Crusher Crystal
Cuddles Dart
Dash Dean
Diablo Dink
Dinky Dipsie
Dixie Dizzy
Dodo Dolly
Domino Donut
Doodle Doofus
Dory Duke
Dweeb Einstein
Ellie Fairy
Fang Fifi
Fizz Flake
Floof Freckles
Fuzzles GaGa
Genghis Gizmo
Glitter Goldie
Goober Gopher
Gracie Gravy
Gumdrop Gwennie
Hannibal Happy
Haughty Hulk
Jazzy Jeffie
Jelly Jet
Jiffy Khan
Kiki Killer
Kitty Liberty
Love Heart Lulu
Lux Marshmallow
Merry Monkey
Monster Mr. Chips
Muffin Mugs
Nemo Nibbles
Nipper Oreo
Outlaw Patience
Pee Wee Penny
Pickles Piglet
Pinball Pine Nut
Pinko Pixie
Pops Posey
Prince Puffin
Rainbow Brite Raptor
Rascal Rocket
Roo Roomba
Rowdy Rudy
Sabre Sassy
Sausage Scrappy
Scrinkle Scruffy
Serenity Shadow
Shortcake Skittles
Slick Sloth
Socks Soda Pop
Sparkles Sparky
Speedy Spirit
Spoops Squish
Sting Suki
Sweetie Taco
Tiggy Tinkles
Tiny Tizzy
Tofu Turbo
Twinkle Toes Viper
Wasabi Wiggle
Winkle Picker Winnie
Wolverine Xena
Yawner Zoom


Betta Fish is one of the beautiful fish in small freshwater aquarium fish. they deserve the vest name according their appearance, peronality, type and color. Now its totally depends on you which one you will select for them. Mention the name you picked for your betta from above lists. If you haev other name suggestion, i would love to hear from you. Mention your fish name in commments to, so everybosy will appreciate your choice 🙂

Flora is a Fish Parent & Enthusiast for over 10 Years. She has Deep Love & Affection for Fish Keeping. It's become her Passion to Help others. Stay Tuned with her Blog to Know more about Pet Care Tips, Product Reviews, and Guides. If you've anything Interesting to Share about your Fish. She'd Love to Know.