Food Facts: Can Doodle Dogs Eat Fish?

Food Facts: Can Doodle Dogs Eat Fish?

Can Doodle Dogs Eat Fish

Who doesn’t love Doodle dogs; they are cute, full of spirit and energy. We love doodle. Doodle dogs are the real family dog. In fact, they are the low-maintenance dogs that are adored by most pet lovers.

Like every other breed of dog, Doodle dogs require a protein-rich diet. So if you are concern about can doodle dogs eat fish, the answer would be a big yes.

Fish is a great source of protein which has a low amount of saturated fats. Interestingly, fish is an easily digestible food that has a rich amount of essential proteins. Fishes are really very beneficial for the skin and coat of the dog, as they have a good amount of omega 3 fatty acids.

Be it a Goldendoodle or a labradoodle, fish is the food that suits every doodle.


Every breed of dog and cat loves the smell of fish. Just bring fresh fish to your home and see how your doodle dog becomes desperate of having fish in lunch.

Fish is extremely beneficial for dogs and that’s the reason it is included in commercial dog food. Some of the benefits of fish are as follow:

  • Fishes are a rich source of protein which is a very important part of your dog’s diet.
  • They have a high amount of omega-3-fatty acids which keeps your puppy’s coat healthy and shiny.
  • Omega-3 fatty acid also decreases inflammation.
  • Fish skin is a rich source of collagen which is important for the bone health of dogs.
  • Fish is a good substitute for chicken-based food for those dogs who have different allergies associated with chicken meat.
  • Fish stays light on your dog’s stomach and hence it is digested easily.


There are millions of types of fishes which one is safe for doodle dog becomes a weighty question.

You don’t have to worry about it!

With our deep and extensive research, we have jotted down some types of fish that are safe for dogs.

The rule of thumb is, always try to feed your dog a shorter-lived species instead of looking for longer-lived fish species. The reason is, longer-lived fish species contain a high amount of heavy metals like mercury. With the passage of time, mercury builds up in the vital organs of fish and can cause heavy metal toxicity in your dogs. This is why it is advisable to always choose shorter-lived fish species. You can even feed your aquarium catfish to your doodle dog. I am sure they will love it!

Type of fish that are safe for dogs include

  • Salmon
  • Lake whitefish
  • Ocean whitefish
  • Herring
  • Walleye
  • Arctic char
  • Flounder
  • Catfish
  • Cod

Type of fish that are NOT suitable for dogs include

Following are the types of fish that should be avoided by dogs as per the recommendation of the Food and Drug Administration:

  • Shark
  • Swordfish
  • King mackerel
  • Tuna
  • Tile fish

These are the larger fish species that are quite aged when harvested. So there are high chances of mercury accumulation in their tissues and organ.


Fish is the safest and natural food that is extremely beneficial for dogs. It’s not harmful to dogs but the way we cook it for dogs may cause certain problems to these furry creatures. Feeding fish cooked in oil may cause stomach upset in dogs which can lead to serious problems like pancreatitis. Using different seasonings for cooking fish may also cause certain stomach problems.

So in short fish is not harmful but the biggest threat is fish bones. Fishbones are small but they are sharp and pointed and can be very dangerous for doodle dogs. Since doodle dog is an innocent breed that is not used to eating prey animals. For such types of dogs, fishbone can be the biggest trouble. These pointed and brittle bones when swallowed results in expensive veterinarian visits. So it’s better to stay on the safe side and feed fish without bones.


Meat, either white or red is harmful in raw form.

Raw fish contains different harmful bacteria such as salmonella and listeria. This is not only problematic for your dog but also makes your family ill. Because when the dog becomes infected by consuming raw fish, his saliva is enough for spreading infectious germs in your family. This may be dangerous for children, old-aged people, and people with the compromised immune system. In a nutshell, feed your doodle dog a cooked and deboned fish.


Well, every dog has different needs and requirements. You can offer them fish on weekly basis as a special treat. If you are planning to add fish to the regular diet of your dog, then we will advise you to consult a veterinarian about the fish serving size for your dog.


Cutting the crap, doodle dogs can eat fish. We love doodle dogs just because of their playful and joyful nature. Feeding fish will make them healthy and happy. You can add fish to their daily diet. Make sure the fish is cooked, grilled or steam cooked with less oil and seasonings and does not contain fish bones.

Your doodle dog needs extra love and care; shower it on your dog by feeding them healthy fish.

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