Easy Peazy Tips for Cleaning Aquarium & Filters (Pro Ways)

Easy Peazy Tips for Cleaning Aquarium & Filters (Pro Ways)

Cleaning Aquarium Filter

Many people love to keep aquatic pets at home. Some keep them as a hobby while others love these beautiful and attractive species. A lot of benefits you can acquire by placing them at home or in offices. They considered one of the best pets to keep due to countless reasons and benefits.

Sometimes it feels like it is challenging to maintain the aquarium or fish tank at home, and many people hesitate to keep it due to maintenance and cleaning issues. Those who once bought it realized that it is not much tricky once you bring it home.

If you have also had an aquarium at home, then you probably know the struggle and also the ease and comfort that these attractive and beautiful species offer. You might plan to bring the aquarium at home and are afraid due to the neatness and cleanliness of the aquarium. I am going to solve your confusion through this article.

Pros of Keeping Aquarium

Let’s talk about all the pros and benefits involves in Keeping the aquarium at home or in the office. The advantages incorporate:

  1. It is said that the aquarium is the biggest stress buster. Yes, it calms your mind and gives you positive vibes. When your stress releases, then it automatically makes you healthy and fresh means it has very positive effects on you.
  2. When you don’t have stress, then you will not get offended. It will make you relaxed and positive that automatically tend to control blood pressure. Yes, it keeps your blood pressure under control and makes you healthy and fresh.
  3. Your children can have very positive results. They can learn how to stay calm and peaceful after seeing the fishes in the aquarium living calm and peacefully. It will make them a good child.
  4. The aquarium can help you to cover your insomnia problem that is very common these days. When you keep it in your bedroom near the bed, it will give you positive vibes. When you become stress-free, it can automatically solve your insomnia problem.
  5. It can increase your productivity level and can make you more productive and creative. It can have a very positive effect on the brain of your Child.
  6. It helps you to fight depression. Depression usually comes when you keep thinking about the specific tension. When you will become tension-free and stop thinking about a particular problem, then you can quickly become depression-free.

Importance of Canister Filter for Aquarium

If you have an aquarium in your home, then you might know about the canister filters that give you ease and comfort in cleaning the aquarium thoroughly and correctly consume your time. If you don’t know about the canister filter, then let me tell you in detail.

A canister filter helps to keep the water clean and tidy and clean the aquarium thoroughly from the inside. It is placed inside the aquarium and removes all the germs and bacteria from deep inside.

It considered best and worth purchasing due to the quality of work yet comparatively expensive as compared to the simple filters. However, the simple filters don’t work very efficiently as compared to the canister filters.

There is a full list of the canister filters that you can purchase from the market, and it comes in various sizes. You may purchase only of them according to the size of your aquarium or fish tank. It also comes in multiple colors; you may buy any color according to your desire.

Making a Canister filter is very easy. You can do it by yourself. Read here DIY Canister Filter: How to make an Aquarium Canister Filter at Home?

How To Clean Aquarium and Filters?

If you care for these aquatic pets, then you will pay special attention to cleaning home Accessories. If the aquarium isn’t clean, then the fishes can’t live happily and healthy. They need proper care and attention; otherwise, it may severely harm them, and you may lose them.

Yes, I am going to tell you all the easiest and comfy tips through which you can always keep the aquarium neat and tidy without much struggle and effort. Let’s break your curiosity and coming towards the topic. Below are all the tips that might surely help you to clean and maintain the aquarium in the best way. Let’s discuss it in detail:

1- Clean the Inside Glass

The first step that you need to do is clean the interior glass of the aquarium. If the inside aquarium is fresh, only then you can remove all the bacteria or other things and make it germs-free. Making the aquarium germs free is very important for all the species. To clean the Inside glass, you need to have an algae pad.

Algae pad used to clean the glass of the aquariums or fish tank. You can get these pads from the nearby market. There is a wide range of these pads that you can easily purchase. It is better to buy them from pet shops or store instead of going to supermarkets or other shops.

For hard buildup on the glass, utilize extremely sharp steel to scratch it off. Take care not to cut yourself. If your aquarium is acrylic, use a plastic extremely sharp edge, as standard razors will scratch the acrylic. In this way, you can clean the inside glass of the aquarium correctly and can make it bacteria-free.

2- Wash the Decorations Placed in The Aquarium

The next step demands the neatness and tidiness of all the decoration pieces that put in the aquarium incorporating Sand, rock, etc. You need to make them bacteria-free, and germs-free likewise. If the stone of other decorations is not near or clean, then it may also harm the fishes because of the decorations placed in the water. When the ornaments make the water dirty, then it automatically hurts the species.

Remember not to use soap or any other thing for the cleanliness of these decorations of rock. Use the same algae pad to clean the ornaments and stones. Usually, a perfect scrub with an algae scraper in warm water eliminates the algae and all the mud and pollution from rocks and plants.

If you want to remove the dirt or algae from the plants, then you can bleach it. However, don’t lighten the stem plants as they can’t handle it. Leave the stones, other items, and plants out of the tank while you vacuum the rock. That route none of the garbage worked up from the foundation will choose them.

3- Clean the Aquarium Gravel

The next step includes the cleanliness and tidiness of gravel. To remove all the germs and to make gravel neat, you need Water Siphon. If a tone of you not familiar with gravel, then let me first tell you about it. Gravel is essential for the aquarium or a fish tank.

Gravel helps to keep and maintain the water neat and clean that’s the cleanliness of gravel essential. It also becomes a base for the plants to grow. It helps them to grow while it also gives beauty to the aquarium. Gravel also becomes a base for the fishes to sleep peacefully in the aquarium. Hence it plays a vital role for the fish tank and the species.
Make sure to vacuum every part of the gravel. Not a single particle of germ left on the gravel. Otherwise, it will make the entire water dirty. Next, you need to change the water by using a gravel vacuum. Remember, in time of replacing the water, the heater of the aquarium should turn off. The water that you will replace should be of the same temperature; otherwise, it may cause issues and problems.

4- Clean the Outside Glass of The Aquarium

Now once the inside glass of the aquarium and all the items have become clean and tidy. Now proceed to the outer lens of the aquarium or a fish tank. Once the outer side of the aquarium cleaned, clean the hood, light, tank top, and outer glass. Standard glass cleaners contain smelling salts, which is not suitable for the fishes as they might harm them.

Standard lime cleaners are considerably progressively dangerous. It suggested that you use vinegar or a soap assigned as aquarium safe, and ensure you wash the surfaces with a perfect moist fabric. It will be helpful for aquariums and aquatic pets.

5- Clean the Filter

Once you finished cleaning the inner and outer glass of the aquarium, now leave the rest of the things. Now put back all the items and ornaments in the aquarium. Now you need to wait for at least 15 days for cleaning the filter of the aquarium. You need to wait because you have cleaned all the bacteria and germs from the water and ornaments, but many viruses still in the filter, and you can’t upset the whole ecosystem at the same time.

It may invite more prominent bacteria and germs; that’s why you need to careful. After two weeks, you may clean the filter of the aquarium thoroughly to remove all the bacteria and viruses. There are three types of filter media, and each cleaner should clean adequately and carefully. You should be aware of the life duration of each screen. After the period ends, you should have to purchase a new filter, whether it is biological or chemical filter media.
Remember to clean the channel tubing and different pieces of the channel gathering. A channel brush will assist clear the dirt that develops in all the little cleft.

6- Maintenance of The Aquarium

Remember, the cleanliness and neatness of the aquarium or fish tank don’t require only for once. You need to regularly check the freshness so that no deadly bacteria dare to enter the aquarium and harm the fishes. You need to clean the aquarium every month to give your fishes a healthy environment.

Replace the filter whenever needed. Pay special attention to the neatness of the aquarium and always try to keep the fish tank germs free. It doesn’t require much of your time, so you can do it without getting tired.

Final Thoughts

Keeping the aquarium or a fish tank clean and tidy is very important for you and also for aquatic pets. They, too, need the same amount of attention and a healthy environment as you keep at your home where you live. It doesn’t require much time to maintain the aquarium neat and germs-free. You only need to give a few hours per month to keep it neat and clean.

I have mentioned all the steps in detail through which you can keep your aquarium germs-free and bacteria-free. Remember, it is essential to make it germs-free because it might harm the fishes. If you are planning to purchase the aquarium and are afraid of the cleanliness of the aquarium, then don’t worry. This complete guide is enough to eliminate your worries.

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