Coral Life LED Biocube 32 Aquarium Review

Coral Life LED Biocube 32 Aquarium Review

Last day there was an appointment with my dentist and there I saw a wonderful aquarium that attracted me a lot. I was in the waiting room until the other patient came out. I just simply sit down nearby that aquarium and got pleased. Literally, I forgot my toothache for which I visited the dentist.

After the checkup, I came back home and I can’t forget that beautiful scenery in my mind that impact me a lot. I requested my brother to buy me that aquarium. The very next day I visited my nearby pet store and I bought exactly the same cube which I have seen there.

Personally, I’m in love with molly fish so I kept that fish in my cube. Here I will share some of its best features due to which I liked this cube very much. There are the following features of this aquarium.

  1. Descent look
  2. Best for all type of water
  3. LED lighting
  4. Temperature control
  5. Low maintenance
  6. Durable
  7. Best filtration and pump

Features of Coral Life Biocube 32

Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium

Decent look

This cube comes with an outstanding and sleek design that every fish keeper attracts from it. It has a quite decent look. With its hood and canopy style, the cube will enhance the beauty of that side where you will place it. It will provide you 3 side view. As the filter of the tank is adjusted at the back of the filter, so you don’t need to worry about the filter. So you don’t have to worry about the location and adjustment of ornaments such as plants, corals, or stones.

Best for all type of water

It is no need to worry about the water. Because this cube supports all types of water such as fresh, brackish, or salty. It is best for all types of ornaments and does not harm their quality. You can freely place coral reefs, plants, and all kinds of fish in it. Simply customize according to your choice and you will get an awesome look at the end.

LED Lighting

Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium Lighting System

It is a natural fact that the human is attracted by bright lights so such vision provides a soothing effect on humans mind. If you are making your mind to set up an aquarium you have to think about the proper light in your cube. But in the case of Biocube 32, LED light is already present in it. This will make your tank more stunning. There are two types of lights present in this cube.

  • White LED light
  • Blue LED light

White LED light is for sunrise and sunset stimulation while Blue LED light is for moon set and rise stimulation. These lights will provide a natural look to your aquarium and it will create just an amazing look into your home. The white light remains active for 30 minutes while the blue light remains active for 60 minutes.

Temperature control

If the water quality parameters are not balanced then your fish may be in danger. Temperature is one of them because fish is an ectotherm organism and can’t regulate its body temperature. Its body temperature will be the same as the temperature of the water. By having this cube in your home you don’t need to worry about temperature regulation. Bio cube includes a temperature regulator that will adjust the temperature of your cube according to fish need.

As mentioned above that the LED light is also present in this bio cube. This may cause the temperature of the bio cube to rise. To prevent this problem, a cooling fan is also present in it to cool down the temperature. Now this job becomes easier for the user. If you notice the temperature of your aquarium, then you will realize the real worth of it.

Low maintenance

Bio cube 32 needs low or no maintenance at all. Because it consists of a built-in temperature regulator, a built-in filtration system, LED lighting is timed. So it is user-friendly. As every person is busy in his life and wants to keep less duty for himself. In this way, this is the best choice for a busy person. You will feel no hesitation in the selection of this cube.


Although the whole cube is made up of glass. But when you see the glass you will impress by its composition. Because it is thick glass. Even you make a kick or any solid object, it will not break, and quality-wise it is best. So the glass of bio cube 32 is unbreakable, long-lasting, and more durable than any aquarium. Its stand is flimsy keep away from children age 2-7 years old

Best filtration and pump

Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium Filteration

Filters are no doubt, are a necessary part of the aquarium. There are a lot of external filters available in the market that are not only expensive but do not satisfy the user.

In the case of coral life bio cube 32, you get the best built-in filtration system. It means there is no headache in the external filter system. You can customize the filter media according to your own choice. It consists of a submersible pump with a dual intake pipe. You can also control the amount of water entering and leaving the filtration system.

The filtration system consists of three chambers; 1 is to hold the submersible pipe, 2 is for algae and bacterial growth and 3 is to hold the phosphorus-based media and heater. The filtration system consists of the best quality pump. The pump consists of a nozzle that can control the intake of water. So, the whole filtration system has outstanding performance and never disappoints its user.

Pros and Cons

Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium

  • More durable
  • Easy to set up
  • The fan is present to decrease the temperature
  • Works in quite a manner
  • Built-in temperature regulation
  • Needs low maintenance
  • Built-in filtration system
  • No warranty is provided
  • Slightly malfunctions at sometimes
  • Stand is flimsy
  • Lighting is insufficient for more coral so you have to buy more


As the coral life bio cube 32 has multifunction’s. It is the best choice for a fish keeper who is in love to keep fish.  Due to busy life routine, it provides all facilities for its user and needs low maintenance. As I was in love with this cube I hope you will also fell In love with this cube.

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