Fluval G3 Filter Review (Filtration for Marine, Freshwater)

Fluval G3 Filter Review (Filtration for Marine, Freshwater)

Fluval G3 Filter Review

Beautiful Aquarium

I have a huge beautiful aquarium in my dining room that provides a lush view for the sitter. But, there is a problem that the aquarium water creates turbidity in few days and creates a foul smell in my dining room. It also creates a bad impact on our appetite and we can’t enjoy our meals due to its smell So, I decided to clean it by myself but it became a big headache for me. Because cleaning a huge aquarium is a very hectic job if it is done manually, it takes hours to do it. Then, I decided to purchase a filter of good quality because my previous filter was not working properly. Here begins a struggle to search for a good quality automatic filter

The next day I call my friend. She is an expert in aquaculture and does a job at a private organization. She recommended me the FLUVAL G3 FILTER which she was also using at her home. At very first glance I liked that filter due to its following features.

Fluval G3 Filter Review

  1. Self-monitoring
  2. Capacity
  3. Priming
  4. Maintenance
  5. Durable
  6. Conduction

Features of Fluval G3 Filter

1- Self-monitoring

The presence of an Integrated Hydrotech Monitor System makes its monitoring easier. It is controlled by a microprocessor that controls it’s working. A led screen displays its reading for temperature and conductivity along with flow rate that gives an indication of chemical, mechanical, and biological media to be cleaned. If any of the parameters get disturbed you are alarmed immediately.

The hydro tech monitor system also provides a history of previous parameters. You will able to resolve problems by confronting history parameters. It also alerts you in case of the presence of air in it, when the impeller gets damaged even when the flow rate becomes too low.

The self-monitoring system also keeps notice of the pH of the water in the tank. The presence of a titanium probe is the best feature of this filter. It also gives a display on the led screen that his type of water is suitable for your fish or not.

2- Capacity

Fluval G3 Filter capacity

Fluval g3 is quite a unique and impressive filter due to its outstanding features. You can use this filter in a tank size ranging in size from 80-100 gallons. Due to its efficient work, it is quite famous among all customers. It can regulate approximately 185 gallons of water per hour. This may not be a very strong or powerful flow rate but it is good for all decent seized aquariums. It processes the water 2 times per hour. So you can select this filter for your aquarium without any hesitation.

3- Priming

One of the most astonishing features of the Fluval g3 filter is its self-priming. Various tank filters are present in which you have to pump the water and then they work. It is a very tiring process and various users do not like to do this. However, the Fluval g3 filter has been designed to provide ease for its users. It has one push-button system and does its job efficiently. To start the filter, the user must fill the canister with water by getting out of the siphon and the whole job is simply controlled by a push-up button. It has a special system that prevents the impeller from spinning when air is present and it’s very difficult for the filter to dry out. A warning display on the LED screen when is present inside it.

4- Maintenance

The change of chemical and mechanical media is a very difficult task and can’t be done when the filter is on. So, it is recommended to clean the media by turning off the filter. To clean, first of all, cut off the water supply from the canister by lifting up the metal aqua stop lever. A hard brush that is provided helps to clean the cartridge and again filled by media of your own choice. The neat and cleaned cartridge again reinstalled, locked back into place, low the lever and restart the filter. There is no need to prime the filter again and if the air is entered into the filter it can be released after some time. There is no other filter of any company which provides the killing feature.

One of its best features is the outer shiny layer around the canister flexes. Although priming works efficiently and needs a few pushes for water to flow into the filter. It would be useful if you mention the inlet and outlet pipes with an arrow. This would be helpful to avoid the wrong connection of pipes. The pipes of the filter are opaque and it is very difficult to see whether it needs cleaning or not. In this case, the monitor of the filter will show the issue. The attachments between hoses and tanks are greatly improved but do not work with all kinds of filters.

5- Durable

It consists of a double canister wall, due to the presence of this double-wall is makes it more durable. The motor of the filter is also powerful. The specialized gaskets also prevent it from leakage.

6- Conduction

It is very important for a fish keeper to know the conductivity of the filter; this helps to understand the quality of water and also tells when you have to change the water. It also helps to know the sustainability requirement of fish. However, various people in the UK are very conscious about conductivity and it is a very important factor in water quality.

Various people do not bother the conductivity, because the filter with conductivity is expensive and they prefer to buy the filter which contains the only heater. It also seems good. Hence it is a good quality external filter and suitable for your home aquariums. Fluval g3 is best for aquariums up to 300l /66 gallons, 700lph filter flow rate, 1285lph pump performance, 17 w.

Pros and cons

  • Classic design and innovative appearance
  • Durable
  • Easy to handle
  • Small in size easily adjustable
  • Locking lids are best
  • Show all water parameters
  • Best monitoring system
  • Conductivity meter
  • It’s quite heavy
  • Noisy
  • Expensive


So the above-mentioned features of Fluval g3 filter are really eye-catching and it is a highly recommended filter and user friendly. It is in access of every person due to its reasonable price and when you are getting such features in one filter So, its cost is not too much.

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