How to Keep Cats away From Your Fish Aquarium | 5+ Practical Tips

How to Keep Cats away From Your Fish Aquarium | 5+ Practical Tips

Keep Cats away From Your Fish Aquarium

Mostly Pet Lovers, Having more than one pet at home the same as me. I do like fishes, but my Husband loves keeping cats and dogs. So my daughter and son also love playing with them and keep watching for a long time whenever we are out of home for shopping.

Keeping the family of different pets sometimes can encounter you in stressful situations that need special handling and some precautions to avoid any damage or danger. So balancing act and some kind of supervision can help in such conditions. You may also be facing some difficulties in handling them. This Practical Guide is for you, Stick with it till the end. It will help you a lot.

5+ Ways that I use to keep cats away from My Fish Aquarium:

#1: Place Your Aquarium on Enough Height:

Height Of Fish tank from Ground

By Nature, Cats are Energetic & agile jumpers. They can jump very quickly on heights. Fish tank placement can keep your cat away from it. If you have already placed your tank on the ground floor or just on a low altitude. I suggest you make it High enough so any animal can hardly reach it. Using Tank Stand can help you a lot in this regard. Alternatively, you can buy a large aquarium.

#2: Cover your Aquarium with a Lid:

aquarium covered with hood or lid

Apart from your cat, Some fish like to jump out from the fish tank, it is always a significant step to cover your aquarium with a proper lid or top hood. Such a top will ensure security from dust in the air, microbes, or any types of fungi that enter into the aquarium by the wind. Also, this can help to stop your cat jump into the tank.

#3: Make Aquarium Hood Sticky:

Sticky Aquarium Top

For making any Surface Sticky, you will need any glue or something like that. I would like to recommend you to use double tape that is sticky from both sides. Simply wrap your tank top with some rounds of tape. Cats hate any sticky surface that makes their feet uncomfortable. whenever he reaches your tank, this sticky surface will punish her.

#4: Close The Room Door:

Lock the Door

It is a wise approach that whenever you are not at home or working anywhere in the house. Close the door of that room where you have placed your fish tank. This method will quickly help you out to keep your cat away from your fish.

#5: Cover Your tank with Towel in Night:

Towled tank

In the day time it is effortless to supervise your tank and punish her not to approach your tank but in the night when you are ruined in the world of dreams and do not know what is happening in the room, or your cat is continuously trying to make your fishes annoy. Or jumping over the tank. So in such a situation, you need to cover your tank with a dark-colored cloth or to use a towel.

#6: Train your cat:

An alternative method to all the tips mentioned above is to train your cat. How to train? It is straightforward for you if you punish your cat whenever she is trying to climb on the tank or bring herself close to the tank, hit her with a soft pillow, or by shouting on her loudly. You know masters efficiently train these pets. Next time whenever she will try this, ultimately, her memory will call the previous event into their mind.


I hope I have taught you the best practical tips to keep away your cat from your aquarium. If you have any other advice or methods, I will try to add those in my article to help other people, happy pets keeping.

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