Why You Should Keep Crabs In Your Fish Aquarium? 2021

Why You Should Keep Crabs In Your Fish Aquarium? 2021

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Crabs that can be found at the pet stores tend to be quite small in size and can grow anywhere between two to four inches. Each crab that you keep in the aquarium should be provided with at least one square foot of the tank floor. African Cichlids can also be kept with Aquarium Crabs 😉

Keeping too many crabs in the same aquarium makes them territorial, due to which they end up fighting. In addition, you can’t keep them in the same aquarium in which you are keeping any other small-sized fishes such as cichlids.

So the question is that “is keeping them in the aquarium a good idea at all“?

Let us see down below.

There are two types of freshwater crabs, which you can usually find in pet stores: untrue and true. True crabs have five sets of legs and a flat shell.

The front two being pinchers.

  1. Fiddlers are an example of “true crabs”. These and horseshoes are the ones that are commonly kept by aquarists.
  2. Untrue crabs are the ones that have their body in a seashell.

Why should you keep crabs in your Fish tank?

Crabs are incredible for aquariums. Since these are scavengers, these can eat any matter such as decaying food and dead fish. Hence, they keep the aquarium clean as well. This also means that they help the aquarium stay green and fresh.

One of the biggest advantages of keeping them in your aquarium is that they will get rid of all the unwanted algae. If you feel that there is too much algae growth in your aquarium then you can keep crabs in the aquarium to keep this problem at bay.

Watching the behavior of the crab in the aquarium alone can be very interesting. These keep roaming around, climbing and hiding. In addition, they are pretty fond of aquarium decorations too.

One thing that you need to know is that as compared to a lot of fishes, They need more high maintenance. The temperature of the aquarium water should be nearly 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is better that you keep their tank clean at all times since crabs do not feel comfortable living in dirty areas. Furthermore, let them out of the tank as well since not all of them can live in water for their entire life.
They like to spend time on dry land as well and hence it is essential that you provide them with such an environment by including a mound of gravel in your aquarium. Position it in such a way that it sits above the water.
Diet for a crab in an aquarium
There is a variety of foods, which you can feed your crab. A good freshwater crab diet includes:

  1. Frozen food, freeze-dried, flakes or pellets
  2. Mix and feed to ensure your crab does not lack any nutrition

Things to care for Feeding crabs

Here are a few tips that will help you feed crabs in an aquarium

  • Ensure that the pieces of food you drop in the aquarium reach the bottom of the tank.
  • Defrost frozen food before you feed them


As long as you provide them with enough space in an aquarium and take very good care of their health, crabs can be a lovely addition to your aquarium. Not only will these make your aquarium look more fun and attractive, but they will also contribute to the cleanliness as well. However, do make sure you are pairing them with the right kind of fish since they can eat small-sized fish such as cichlids very easily.

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