How to identify Male and Female Guppies (3 Things to Look)

How to identify Male and Female Guppies (3 Things to Look)

male and female guppies

So, you are planning to raise the Guppy fish on a commercial level, you bought an aquarium full of guppy fish fry, but you don’t know how many fry are male or female!!!

Will you distinguish between them at the fry stage?

Simply answer is NO!!!

Because at the fry stage, no one can distinguish between the fish fry either it is male or female.

So, what to do???

It’s not a big deal.

Here we will provide you the complete way to determine the gender of guppy fish fry.

As they continue to grow, differences start to appear. At first, the differences would be subtle, but with time it will be more observable.

The best time to breed the guppy fish is within the month.

Wow!!! It sounds good that you will get your product within a month.

Now, what to do?

3 Significant Things to the difference between male and female guppies

  • Body features
  • Fins
  • growth rate

Observe the following features of the through which you would be able to recognize the male and female guppies.

  • BODY
  1. Body shape
  2. Body size
  3. Color patterns
  4. Gravid spot
  5. Gonopodium
  • FINS
  1. Shape of fins
  2. Dorsal fin
  3. Anal fin
  4. Tail fin (caudal fin)



a) Body Shape

Male guppies, for the most part, have extremely thin, long bodies, while female guppies are typically significantly rounder and greater than the guys, in some cases twice as large as a male guppy.

b) Body Size

Female guppies can grow up to 2 ⅛ inches (6 cm) and are regularly significantly bigger than male guppies. Conversely, male guppies can grow up to 1-⅛ inches (3 cm).

c) Color Patterns

Male guppies are typically more beautiful than their female partner, and their bodies might be shrouded in brilliant shading and examples. Guys may have bodies and tails canvassed in orange, blue, violet, green, dark, and white spots, and stripes. They utilize this shading to draw in a female mate.

d) Gravid Spot

The gravid spot is a dark spot located on the underside of your guppy’s body, near the tail, and is a clear marker of a female. Males do not have a gravid spot. Look for a dark area near the abdomen and anal fin, and if it’s a female guppy fry, you’ll be able to identify the gravid spot.

e) Gonopodium

Although the two sexual forms have anal fins, in male guppies, this is known as a gonopodium, and it’s the regenerative organ utilized for fertilizing the female. In live-bearing fish like guppies, fertilization happens inside the female’s body. Eggs are additionally brought forth inside the body, permitting the female to bring forth live fry.


a) Shape of Fins

Fins are those part of fish which assist it in swimming and also gear its movements. You can also tell the gender of guppy by observing its fin shape because the male fins are larger than female fins.

b) Dorsal Fin

The dorsal fin is situated on the highest point of the fish, around 2-3 inches from the fish’s head. Male guppies have longer dorsal fins that stream in the water as they swim around. Female guppies have shorter dorsal fins that don’t trail in the water as they swim.

c) Caudal Fin

The guppy’s tail balance, or the caudal, can assist you with deciding the sex of the guppy. Male guppies have wide, long caudal fins that are frequently splendidly hued, with expounding designs. Female guppies will have shorter caudal fins that are not as wide and long as the guys.

d) Anal Fin

The guppy’s anal fin is situated under the fish and is the littler balance directly before the tail blade. A male guppy will have an anal fin that is long and tight, with a marginally pointed end. He will utilize his anal fin to transfer sperm into the female.

3) Growth Rate

You may see that some guppy fry become quicker than others. Differential development rates can be clarified by different components remembering contrasts for sex.

Female guppies can, for sure, become quicker than male guppies and even among males. Guppy fry that gains more access to nourishment will become faster.

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Guppies FAQ’s

a) How do I determine that my guppies are mature enough to breed?

Ans.  At the point when male guppies arrive at sexual maturity, you’ll likewise see them pursuing the female guppies to imitate, which is a signal that they are mature to the breeding stage.

b) Can you tell the gender difference in baby guppies?

Ans. Guppies are little fish who are anything but difficult to breed – they fundamentally accomplish all the work themselves. At the point when you’re attempting to decide the sexual orientations for rearing choice, the genders of fry can be hard to find out, since they’re so little and still not completely created. Sexing baby guppies requires some effort from the start.

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SO, regardless of whether you’re raising guppy fry for business purposes or similarly as a leisure activity, it’s acceptable to realize how to decide the sex of guppy fry so that you can isolate them by sex. This won’t just assist them with becoming quicker; however, it will help control their populace as well.

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