How to identify Male and Female Mollies? (5+ Signs to Know)

How to identify Male and Female Mollies? (5+ Signs to Know)

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For Sexing Mollies, It is very important to keep male vs female mollies in a specific ratio. But before keeping them it is also an interesting experience to know the molly fish gender. Firstly, make sure that mollies are mature enough in order to identify their gender because mollies usually don’t display gender at an early age.

Let the molly fish fry grown up to mature fish for at least a few months. After when they reached the age of maturity you can identify their gender on the base of 5 signs listed below.

  1. Colour
  2. Shape & size
  3. Dorsal fin
  4. Anal Fin
  5. Behavior

Gender Indication Signs: Male vs Female Molly

1. Color

Male mollies usually acquire Bolder and Brighter color patterns than the Female Mollies. Female mollies have dull, Timid, and Demure color schemes that’s why the bolder color variations of male mollies seem to be attractive. It also attracts female mollies towards mating.

2. Size & Shape

Male mollies are mostly larger in size than females. Female mollies usually have a rounded body especially abdomen while the male mollies have a flat body shape.

3. Dorsal Fin

Dorsal Fin is the back fin of mollies. Male and female mollies both have a dorsal fin but the male mollies usually have a larger dorsal fin than females. Male’s larger dorsal fin also enhances their beauty and often helps to attract the female for mating.

4. Anal Fin

The other features might vary from species but Anal Fin is the most specific part used to identify the gender. Anal Fin is the present underside, behind the belly. The size of the anal fin in males is usually larger or longer in size than the females. Male’s anal fin of molly fish is modified into the tube-like shape which is called “Gonopodium” through which they copulate with the female molly. While the female’s anal fin has a triangular shape.

5. Behavior

The gender of mollies can also be identified by noticing their behavior. Male mollies are attention seekers; they always try to catch female molly’s attention in order to mate with them. They continue to chase females and swim in front of them showing their fin to attain the attention.

If you notice a fish doing such things you can strongly commend that this is the male molly and is trying to mate with the female.

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