How to Tell If a Platy Fish Male or Female? (4 Signs) 2021

How to Tell If a Platy Fish Male or Female? (4 Signs) 2021

platy fish male or female
platy fish male or female

platy fish male or female

The last day my friend visited my home, and when she saw my aquarium full of platyfish, and she was just wow!!!

When she entered the home, suddenly she shouted! “What a beautiful fish it is???”

Then I told her that it is platyfish and is easy to handle.

She said I want the same one.

But suddenly she got sad.

That I don’t know about how to buy the fish? And I even don’t know how to differentiate the gender of fish?

I calmed her and said I would help you in buying the platyfish.

Then the next morning we visited our nearby market and bought the fish.

How I helped her with buying platy fish?

Today I will discuss it with you.

So, today’s discussion is about how to tell the gender of platyfish?

First of all, it is essential to know that.

The male platyfish is very aggressive, while the female platy is very peaceful.

Platys are live-bearing tropical fish, which implies they bring forth completely created youthful, instead of eggs that will bring forth later. Since female platys are equipped for putting away male sperm for quite a long time in the wake of mating, realizing how to differentiate between the genders can help guarantee that your tank doesn’t turn into a full-time fish nursery.

Fortunately, sexing platy isn’t troublesome.

Things To Know For Telling Platy Fish Male or Female

Here are some points which must keep in mind to discriminate the gender of platyfish.

  1. Color
  2. Body shape
  3. Body size
  4. fins


The pattern on both male and female platyfish is nearly the equivalent. However, for the most part, the male’s body and fin shading is keener and increasingly exceptional when contrasted with female platyfish.


The body shape of the female platyfish is more massive and fuller when contrasted with the male platy. The pregnant platyfish, otherwise called Gravid females, have an irregularity in their mid-body territory. This region with irregularity has alternate shading from the rest of the body.


The size of the platyfish is 4-6 cm. The body size of female platyfish is bigger than the male platyfish. Female platy is likewise known to be fatter than the male. As far as all-out length of the body, females can grow up to 2 inches long though the male body size is restricted to 1.5 inches.


The fin of platyfish is a significant identifier of sex. The male anal fin balance, which is long and meager fit as a fiddle, is called ‘Gonopodium.’  It fills the need to inseminate the female. Then again, the female platy fish’s anal fin isn’t for quite some time, pointed, and dainty yet round.

The dorsal fin of female platyfish is triangular fit as a fiddle and is pointed downwards. It is frequently portrayed as a fan-molded fin. In guys, the dorsal fin is pointed and long.

Pro Tip:

Ratio and Number of Fish: Look, populate your tank without any than one male platy to every two females if you want to breed your fish. This will decrease the probability of animosity between the guys and worry in the females.


a) How to tell if platy is pregnant?

  1. The female platy’s stomach area will expand.
  2. Its gravid spot will turn out to be a lot darker and square.
  3. Minimal dark spots will likewise show up on its back balance.

b) How do platyfish mate?

Ans. Platies mate through spawning. It is a procedure wherein male platyfish discharges the gametes (sperm) into the water near the female platyfish. The gametes are coordinated towards the female blades through pointed male anal fin. After conceiving, a solitary platyfish can bring forth up to 20 or even 40 fries at once.

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So, it’s much easier to distinguish between the male and female platy. A beginner can also do this job very quickly by simply observing the fish.

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