How to Stop Herons Stealing Fish from Pond? (Easy Tips)

How to Stop Herons Stealing Fish from Pond? (Easy Tips)

  1. Everyday, One of your koi is missing from your pond?
  2. Did you find a number of wounds in the body of your pond koi?
  3. Have you ever found your koi in the middle of the garden near your fish pond?

If you are watching any of the above things and thinking about what is happening with your pond population?

Then I can assure you, your pond is attacked by birds especially herons. These herons are very attractive and predating birds. They love hunting for their food. They fly here and there in search of food. One most important things they love eating fish. They usually went where they found fishes in bulk like lakes, ponds, and rivers. There is no way that you can completely stop Herons trying to eat your Koi population, but there are a few things that you can try to make it as hard as possible for them. Plenty of different types of technical equipment are available that you can purchase to try or stop Herons from eating your fish but you will quickly find that these will only work for a short time.

On the other hand, Many pond owners place an artificial hand made plastic Heron into their garden in order to stop real Herons from landing near your pond. Such a method will work for some time in a specific season, but when the herons mating season arrives, You will find that this plastic Heron will attract them that are already looking for a partner for mating.

There are other types of a deterrent that work by causing discomfort to the Heron, but you will probably find that they work for a short while until the bird gets used to it and finds a way around it.

The only real way to protect them is by watching out for them. These simple tips may not work completely to keep away herons from your koi pond but it will surely reduce the risk of stealing your fish.

Easy Tips to Follow to Keep Herons away from Ponds

Tip #1:

If you find a Heron trying to make off with your Koi then make as much noise as possible to frighten the Heron as much as you can. You can shout, throw things or do anything you feel will scare the bird away. The more frightened it is then the less chance there is of it returning to your pond any time soon.

Tip #2

Keep changing your routine. Herons are intelligent birds and will quickly learn when you are most likely to leave your pond unattended. If you visit your pond frequently then you will have a greater chance of catching the Heron in the act. If you are unable to vary your routine then you may want to consider asking older family members or trusted neighbors or friends if they wouldn’t mind checking on your pond every now and then.

Tip #3

If you do lose some of your Koi due to a Heron then do not restock straight away. If you do then you are just telling the Heron that there is a continual supply of food. By waiting to restock, you will send the Heron looking elsewhere to feed.

Tip #4

When you build your pond consider creating a place where your Koi can hide if they need to. After a Heron attack, many Koi pond owners may think that the bird has managed to get all of their fish until they notice them starting to appear from various places around the pond. By creating a natural hiding place, then you will considerably reduce the amount of fish that a Heron can get away with. You need not worry about your Koi hiding from you as they should know and trust you enough not to hide from you.

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