66 Beautiful Types of Betta Fish By Tail Patterns & Colors

66 Beautiful Types of Betta Fish By Tail Patterns & Colors

types of betta fish

Most of us are fond of keeping the betta fish due to different kinds of varieties they have. But still, we don’t know which types of betta fish we are petting in our fish tank. Some species of betta are very rare based on their tail or fin types, color patterns & shapes.

The wonderful thing about betta fish is that you can create varieties and different types simply by cross mating of two different species. Due to this fact, the breeding rate of betta is annually more than any other fish species. And due to this reason, it is also very difficult to differentiate the betta species.

By nature Betta Fish is aggressive and a bit difficult for newbies. That’s why they are also called “SIAMESE FIGHTING FISH.’’

You don’t need to worry if you are feeding them properly.

Apart from various colors that can help to enhance the beauty of your aquarium, betta can also be found with various fin shapes, tails, and other characteristics.

Basically there are two major types of betta

  1. Betta Splendens
  2. Betta Pictats

Betta splendens are easily available in the market and betta pictat are the result of cross-breeding with betta splendens.

Betta splendens are foam nesters means that they secrete bubbles from their mouth
Betta pictat bears parental care behavior which means the male parent looks after the newly born fry by keeping them in his mouth.

In this content, I gonna tell you about each species and variety of Betta Fish. Stick to this Guide to have complete Insights.

Different Types of Betta Fish

Betta Fish is known due to its variety of colors and Tail Patterns. It is liked by all beginner aquarist over the globe. that’s why it is the world’s popular freshwater fish. You may be thinking that how these fish have a lot of variety in them? They are interbred to produce different kinds of betta fish.

These Freshwater Betta Fish are very intelligent so they can recognize their master. When they are ready for breeding, Male Betta fish starts making bubble nests on the surface of the water in the leaves. Also, they protect the nest. So Female betta spawn in that nest. This is also a sign to recognize your betta Fish.

By following this phenomenon, different types of betta fish are made. Now we will discuss each type of betta step by step.

10 Betta Fish Types By Patterns

  • Dragon Scale Betta
  • Butterfly Betta
  • Marble betta
  • Koi Betta
  • Cambodian Betta
  • Mask Betta
  • Multicolored Betta
  • Piebald Betta
  • Solid Betta
  • Wild Type Betta

1. Dragon Scale Betta

Dragon Scale Betta

It is a new pattern and very popular among aquarists. It has full-body color and has scales on the body that looks like a lizard or dragon. The base body color is rich and copper color scales on the body.

2. Butterfly Betta

Butterfly Betta

Butterfly betta is another common pattern and exclusively different. At the anterior region, there is strong body color, and moving towards the posterior end this color becomes faded and indehiscent. Commonly betta fins and tail are colorless. On the other hand, Such fins pattern is also found in other varieties of betta in which one end of the fin has solid or dark colors and the tail is transparent like glass or milky white.

3. Marble Betta

Marble Betta fish

As the name of marble betta shows its Color distribution.  Such betta has different color spots in the irregular arrangement. The colors are often blotchy with solid pale body color and red to the blue pattern. With the passage of time Marble bettas develop their colors, or change color patterns.

4. Koi Betta

Koi Betta Fish

Koi betta is also beautiful and famous for its color patterns. Koi betta is a type of marble betta which means that it is a crossbreed of marble betta.

5. Cambodian Betta

Cambodian Betta fish

The body is pale red in color going to dark to light towards the posterior end and the color of fins and tail are light pink to white.

6. Mask Betta

Mask Betta Fish

It has a single uniform color from head to tail but the face is more conspicuous than the other body parts. It is found in blue, turquoise, and copper type varieties.

7. Multicolored Betta

Multicolored Betta Fish

Its body is a combo of various colors usually two to three distinct colors are present.

8. Piebald Betta


Piebald Betta

Piebald betta has beautiful color patterns. Whole-body consists of solid sparkling color while the head color is pink. Its fins look like a butterfly or having a marble pattern.

9. Solid Betta

Solid Betta Fish

As the name implicit, the whole body is of the same color.

10. Wild Type Betta

Wild Type Betta Fish

It is identical to splendens found in the wild. Its color varies from dull red to brown color. The fins may vary from red, green, or blue in males.

19 Betta Fish Types By Color Combination

  • Blue Betta Fish
  • Black Orchid Betta
  • Red Betta
  • Pink Betta Fish
  • Rose Petal Betta
  • Yellow Betta Fish
  • White Betta Fish
  • Purple Betta Fish
  • Green Betta Fish
  • Mustard Gas Betta
  • Albino
  • Chocolate
  • Copper
  • Orange
  • Orange Dalmation
  • Torquise
  • Yellow and Pineapple
  • Pastels or Opaque
  • Clear Betta

1. Blue Betta Fish

Blue Betta Fish

You might think that it would be a simple and solid blue color betta. Nut this is not the case there are various shades of blue that exist in betta. It may vary from steel blue to royal blue. Which his very vibrant and descent in appearance.

2. Black Orchid Betta


Black Orchid Betta

The Orchid black betta has a solid color that varies from blue to purple color. As it has a shiny surface so is shows shades of magenta. An interesting fact about black orchid betta is that this group is further divided into three more types i.e.

  • Melano
  • Black lace
  • Metallic

3. Red Betta

Red Betta Fish

Red is dominant with a betta. Usually appearing in striking red color although it doesn’t appear in striking color but shows a highlight on fins. But its color faded if with time. To maintain its constant body color you must keep notice on its feed.

4. Pink Betta Fish

Pink Betta Fish

As the name shows it has a pink color. If it is present in a slid form then whole boys appear as shiny pink. Sometimes this type of betta appears translucent. In some cases, betta appears as transparent and mostly people confused it with an albino betta. 

5. Rose Petal Betta

Rose Petal Betta

It is a rare type of betta and also unique in its characteristics so it is not easily available in markets. If you found this, it might be very expensive. There also exist color variations in its body and it may vary from blue to light. Also, have a conspicuous face.

6. Yellow Betta Fish

Yellow Betta Fish

Yellow betta fish is a very common fish color. They have solid yellow body color as name shows. Various shades of yellow exist in it. It is also called NON-RED betta because its characteristics are just like red betta but the difference exists only in color.

7. White Betta Fish

White Betta Fish

White betta fish appears a little bit simpler than others. You can also create different varieties by cross-breeding them. Its long tail fin appears a majestic beauty.

8. Purple Betta Fish

Purple Betta Fish

They are very unique and rare. Hard to find out. As the name shows it has a solid blue color that may vary from violet to purple shade. Other color variations are also present such as copper and black. Its whole body color is purplish while the head or face color is different from the rest of the body.

9. Green Betta Fish

Green Betta Fish

The green betta appears as blue-green. The rarest form of betta and hard to find it. Bright green and dark green are the most precious bettas. Often green is masked under the dark color and if you want to observe it is only possible when it is exposed to light.

10. Mustard Gas Betta

Mustard Gas Betta fish

Mustard gas betta is extremely magnificent. They are bi-colored i.e. the body color varies from face color. The body color is dark varying from blue to green while and fin color varies from yellow to orange and sometimes mustard appearance that’s why they are called so.

11. Albino Betta Fish

albino betta fish

Albino betta is extremely rare. It is usually solid with no pigment. The eyes are either dark pink or red. The beta also exists with black eyes but you can’t say it albino type.

12. Chocolate Betta Fish

Chocolate Betta Fish

It is brown bodied betta. The color of fins varies from yellow to orange.

13. Copper Betta Fish

Copper Betta Fish

Its color varies from light golden to deep copper with red or purple to blue that shines under light.

14. Orange Betta Fish

Orange Betta Fish

This type of betta appears in full tangerine color and visible only under sparkling light.

15. Orange Dalmation Betta Fish

Orange Dalmation Betta Fish

In this type, both body and fins appear orange in color. But the fins are unique with dark orange color streaks on it.

16. Turquoise Betta Fish

Turquoise Betta Fish

This type appears blue to green in color and appears greener than blue.

17. Yellow Pineapple Betta Fish

yellow pineapple betta fish

It is non-red named and appears as yellow to buttery in color.

18. Pastels Opaque Betta Fish

Pastels Opaque betta fish

It appears as an opaque because of the genetic recombination of the white gene with others.

19. Clear Betta

Clear Betta Fish

This translucent betta appears clear or transparent because of the absence of pigments and only flesh color appears, therefore, appear pinkish in color. Tail, fins are all translucent and eye color is black.

14 Betta Fish Types By Tail Types

  • Crowntail Betta
  • Veiltail Betta
  • Plakat Betta
  • Halfmoon Betta
  • Double Tail Betta
  • Elephant Ear Betta
  • Delta Tail Betta
  • Rose Tail Betta
  • Comb Tail Betta
  • Half-Moon Over Half-Moon Betta
  • Half Sun Betta
  • Feathertail Betta
  • Round Tail Betta
  • Spade Tail Betta

1. Crown tail Betta

Crowntail Betta Fish

This striking tail type is effectively conspicuous with to greatly extended rays, diminished webbing, and spiky tips of the fins that seem like a crown. Its tremendous beautiful caudal fin in some cases stretches out to even 8 inches in width making it multiple times of its body. Crown tails are additionally found in three types like the single, twofold or crossed ray

2. Veil Tail Betta

Veil Tail Betta Fish

It is the most common type of tail which his beautiful, long and flowing that falls from the caudal peduncle. The tail has no symmetry with long flowing anal and dorsal fins.

3. Plakat Betta

Plakat Betta Fish

It has a short, rounded tail with pointed rays. Thus, give it a spiky appearance.

4. Half-moon Betta / Over Half Moon

Over Halfmoon betta

It has 180o spread like a half-moon with larger dorsal and anal fins. In the case of over half-moon, the spread is more than 180o.

5. Double Tail Betta

Double Tail Betta

In double tail betta, double caudal fins are present. The presence of double caudal fins shows the genetic variability in double tail betta that makes it distinct from the others.

6. Elephant Ear Betta

Elephant Ear Betta

Bettas that have developed extra-large pectoral fins appear like an elephant ear. Therefore are also called Dumbo Bettas

7. Super Delta Betta Fish

Super Delta Betta Fish

These are symmetrical. A true delta betta has no spikes or crown present at the tail. Delta betta has a narrow tail that gets more narrow towards the body and expanded towards posterior.

8. Rose tail Betta

Rose Tail Betta Fish

In the rose tail, betta caudal fin spread to180o. The excessive branching system looks like rose petals.

9. Comb Tail Betta Fish

Comb Tail Betta Fish

It results from the crossbreed of crown tail betta with other species of betta. Its caudal fin is spiky in appearance. The rays long, thin, and extended fins give a spiky look.

10. Half Sun Betta

Half Sun Betta Fish

Half sun betta has 180o caudal fins spread with extended rays.

11. Feather Tail Betta

Feather Tail Betta Fish

The tail has more extensive branching giving extreme ruffled appearance. It looks like a feather.

12. Round Tail Betta

Round Tail Betta Fish

The tail is completely rounded. The tail is long and full.

13. Spade Tail Betta

Spade Tail Betta Fish

In spade tail betta, the tip of caudal fins meets at a single point. The tail spread evenly on both sides.

23 Wildtypes Betta

  • Emerald Green Betta
  • Peaceful Betta
  • Betta Mahachaiensis
  • Spotfin Betta
  • Betta Chennoides
  • Betta Albimarginata
  • Krabi Betta
  • Betta Pugnax
  • Betta Pallifena
  • Betta Picta
  • Betta Broworum
  • Betta Rutilans
  • Betta Parsephone
  • Betta Burdigala
  • Betta Livida
  • Betta Strohi
  • Betta Minioppina
  • Betta Mandor
  • Betta Chloropharynx
  • Betta Hiposideros
  • Betta Spilotogena
  • Betta Tomi
  • Betta Chini

1. Emerald Green Betta

Emerald Green Betta fish

It is also known as betta smargdina. It grows about 7cm long. A native inhabitant of Thailand and Laos.

2. Peaceful Betta

Peaceful Betta Fish

It is also known as a crescent betta. It can grow up to 2 inches. Its habitat is shallow ponds and ditches.

3. Betta Mahachaiensis

Betta Mahachaiensis

Its standard length is 50-60mm. this betta eats plenty of frozen food or natural food such as bloodworm, daphnia. It comes from South Eastern Bangkok.

4. Spot Fin Betta

Spotfin Betta Fish

Spot finfish is paternal to mouthbrooder. Also famous as Brunei beauty or orange cheek betta. Males are black to orange and females have two lateral bands that are absent in males.

5. Betta Chennoides

Betta Channoides

It is also known as snakehead betta. Channoides males have more intense colors and females look like washed-out males.

6. Betta Albimarginata

Betta Albimarginata

These are white seam fighter. Male are intensely colored while females look like just males are washed off.

7. Krabi betta

Krabi betta

These are redfin mouthbrooding betta. Males have a broader head and dark anal fins than females. Females are with faint strip or no strip at the anal fin

8. Betta Pugnax

Betta Pugnax

Males are usually with a broader head and females have smaller heads. Females are with long pelvic fins. These also have spikes.

9. Betta Pallifena

Betta Pallifina

It is native to Indonesia. Its standard length is 6.6cm.

10. Betta Picta

Betta Picta



A broader head is found in males with the dark stripe on the anal fin and females lack stripe or present on anal faint which his very faint.

11. Betta Broworum


Betta Broworum

This is a red dwarf fighter that can be placed in pairs. It is primarily bubble nester.

12. Betta Rutilans

Betta Rutilans

It is also a red dwarf fighter and can be placed in pairs.

13. Betta Parsephone

Betta Parsephone

Males usually have an intense color with pointed dorsal fins and female ovaries are visible.

14. Betta Burdigala

Betta Burdigala

The males are bright green from sides and females are blend red.

15. Betta Livida

Betta Livida

It is a ray-finned fish. Its length is 3.6cm.

16. Betta Strohi

Betta Strohi

It requires filtered soft acidic water and can be kept in pairs

17. Betta Miniopinna

Betta Miniopinna

It is native to Indonesia. It is found in freshwater. The standard length is 2.4 cm.

18. Betta Mandor

Betta Mandor

Males have intense colors than females. Red opercula bars are found in males and females are usually with golden opercula.

19. Betta Chloropharynx

Betta Chloropharynx

These are green throated paternal mouthbrooders. Intensely colored males. Males are with pointed fins while females are with rounded fins.

20. Betta Hiposideros

Betta Hipposideros

Strips are present on the face. These are also paternal mouthbrooders.

21. Betta Spilotogena

Betta Spilotogena

Face strips are characteristic to recognize. Also called paternal mouthbrooders

22. Betta Tomi

Betta Tomi

The pairs are housed in tanks also mouthbrooders.

23. Betta Chini

Betta Chini

Males have more intense colors with pointed fins while females are with rounded fins.

Interesting To Know

Although betta are present in various beautiful colors along with it they are also intelligent creature you can also train them for tricks

Wrapping Up

These are small-sized fish easily kept in 5 gallons. Also known as siamese fighting fish due to its aggressive nature. More beautiful creatures with tail, color, pattern variations. In nature, they have dull colors but reef aquarium enhances its beauty. So, if you are thinking to enhance the beauty of your home and want to start an aquarium Betta fish is the best option.

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